The Ariadne Getty Foundation works with partners across the United States and internationally to improve the lives of individuals and communities through targeted grant making.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation, a private foundation based in Los Angeles began its mission to partner with charitable organizations in the United States. Ariadne Getty is a lifelong philanthropist whose sense of integrity and compassion help to guide her foundations beliefs and practices.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation’s principal objective is to apply its income and capital towards any exclusively charitable objects and purposes whatsoever in the US, and Overseas.

As a grantmaking charity, The Ariadne Getty Foundation’s core focus is to: 

Revitalize existing charities and individual charitable projects that are failing in their objectives due to financial constraints and / or a lack of exposure and publicity. This includes vital projects that have difficulty raising funds, without much in the way of cash reserves, statutory funding or good contacts and patrons to assist them.

Fund projects that alleviate poverty and financial hardship; relieve sickness and poor health; and also support certain “unpopular” causes. The emphasis is on self-help and community values and assisting individuals and communities in making change

The Ariadne Getty Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with charitable organizations that aim to:

  • Enable individuals to reach their full potential despite their social, economic, physiological, and environmental limitations.
  • Provide opportunities and experiences for individuals that they may not otherwise have access to.
  • Assist, promote, and encourage sustainable projects that create long term benefits for disadvantaged local communities and individuals that are intent on improving their environment.
  • Assist in the treatment and care of individuals suffering from mental or physical illness or those in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness.

Since The Ariadne Getty Foundation formally known as the Fuserna Foundation commenced its work in 2004, it has continued to make grants to various charitable projects that have provided experiences to many individuals including children, the elderly, and others suffering from illness or addictions through the creation of new facilities, education and training.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation is proud of its worldwide work to date and looks forward to a positive future continuing in its endeavors to further improve the lives of many.