Attention:  The AGF will be accepting new applications starting 2018. See below for that process.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation is operated out of the private family office of its founder and utilizes an operational staff located in the Los Angeles office.

The AGF researches its own charitable causes by carrying out in-depth research guided by Ariadne’s charitable experience. Certain charities may be approached and asked to submit a funding request based on The AGF’s interest in their projects.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation also accepts grant applications submitted directly from charities and other philanthropic projects.

All applications must have a clear sense of objective, how to achieve that objective and have a high chance of making a real difference in the field in which it operates.  Applications should be submitted in writing and include:

  • A full outline of the project for which funding is needed
  • The cost of the project
  • The community affected
  • The benefits and impact of the project intended
  • Other sources of funding secured in relation to the project
  • A full outline of the charity itself, its history, financial position and forecast, as well as its overall strategy.

In addition, financial statements, management accounts, tax returns and cash-flow statements should also accompany the application

Once applications and correspondence are received, they are distributed and undergo a detailed due diligence review. Additional information may be requested to assess the organization and/or the proposal.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis throughout the calendar year.

The Ariadne Getty Foundation team requires regular updates on the progress of the project funded and the charity itself. This will also benefit the project by giving the charity a way to track its own impact.

Please visit our Contact page on where to mail the application.